Super Clear understand house clearance

We understand that nothing is ever standard, and as a company we have developed the skills and expertise to deal with any house clearance situation. From abandoned and damaged properties to hoarding in country manors. We understand we may have to bring more than two vans.

A guarantee that a minimum of 95% of material collected by us will either be separated, then recycled or refurbished and passed on. We are able pass massive savings on to our customers by countering the cost of waste removal with items that can be restored and ultimately sold on.

The common standard for house clearance

The common standard for house clearance Here at Super Clear we know there is no ‘common standard’ when it comes to a house clearance that is why we have concentrated on developing the skills and expertise to give an individual service. This ensures we can tackle anything from general house clearances, to abandoned and damaged properties, we also excel in decluttering homes which have fallen prey to hoarding orstockpiling.
Because of our guarantee to recycle a minimum of 95% of materials collected you can always be sure Super Clear is your best option in the marketplace; and as a direct consequence of this 95% recycle policy we are not only able to offer our customers massive savings, but we reduce the impact of waste products on the environment.


What is a House Clearance Service?

The process of House Clearance entails the removal of all household items, including white goods, carpets, furniture, bric-a-brak ……. from a property. As each Home Clearance is as individual as its owner, House Clearances can take from a day for a moderate sized home [bungalow/two bedroom terrace house] up to several for larger properties. However, for a House Clearance for someone who is or has suffered from Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome, OCD, the House Clearance may take slightly longer – all the information you require for this particular service will be discussed at you FREE, NO OBLIGATION, appointment, with one of our experienced professionals, at a time and date convenient to you.

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