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Construction & Site Clearance 
Super Clear provides a professional clearance service to a variety of sectors in the construction industry. We are a national contractor with infrastructure hubs in the Oxfordshire and Sheffield areas. Super Clear’s professional site clearance teams have broad knowledge and multiple experiences, producing high quality work, and are capable of providing a wide range of building site clearance services, at competitive prices.

Construction Site Clearance

Building Site Clearance

Demolition Debris Removal

Site Levelling / Hard Landscaping 

digger work

Super Clear building site clearance division gives the Construction Contractor a convenient and propitious alternative to site clearance. Our service includes:

Super Clear recycles, and reclaims over 95% of excess building site and land clearing waste, to ensure even the largest building projects have less of an impact on the environment. Subsequently benefiting our construction contractors conforming to the Considerate Constructors’ Scheme targets, and conjointly, under budget with regards to skip hire, and labourers salaries, ect.

All derelict waste, apart from contaminated, hazardous, and toxic materials, will be recycled or reclaimed. From miscellaneous items to fixtures and fittings, doors and windows, kitchen units and sinks, flooring, office furniture and cabinets and electrical goods, to other structural materials: timber and pallets, blocks, bricks, concrete and limestone, insulation, and piping, vegetation, and grass and trees.

As per your individual instruction, or on completion of the contract Super Clear will forward the completed form for ‘Duty of care waste transfer note for moving waste’ as per the UK’s Environment Agency.

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